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Detox your Body and Emotions with Chi Nei Tsang & Tao Yin
with Jutta Kellenberger
Soul Astrology for Inner Alchemy & CNT practices
with Christine Harkness-Giles

6 - 12 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium

6 October 2017 10.00 - 12.15 Inner Alchemy Astrology
14.00 - 18.45 Transform Stress into Vitality & Detox your Body and Emotions with CNT Self Massage: introduction to CNT, Tok Sen and the inner alchemy practices

7 – 9 October 2017 09.30 -18.45 Chi Nei Tsang I
(with Certification)
10 – 12 October 2017 09.30 - 18.45 Chi Nei Tsang II
(with Certification)

Inner Alchemy Astrology

This is Master Chia’s own branch of Chinese Astrology which allows us to look at the energy we were born with, and the energy we have today and see how to correct our imbalances in the 5-Elements using Inner Alchemy Practices, as taught by the Universal Healing Tao System. Learn more about yourself, your nearest and dearest and understand compatibilities. Christine co-wrote ‘Inner Alchemy Astrology’ with Mantak Chia and is an IAA Senior Instructor.

Tok Sen

Tok Sen is part of the Chi Nei Tsang practices, learn more how this gentle treatment with traditional wooden tools can improve body health and tackle problems which other body work cannot. Nataša has been using Tok Sen in her CNT treatments for some years.

Chi Nei Tsang Self Massage

We will learn about Chi Nei Tsang, the abdominal chi massage, and we’ll specifically learn techniques that you can use on yourself for self-healing. We will review how to use these techniques for general health, detox and specific ailments and symptoms. I welcome all students who are interested in learning more about energy cultivation, self-healing and the internal organ massage.

Chi Nei Tsang I with certification - theory and practice

For CNT we recommend that you eat lighter, easily digestible food for a few days before and during the course as this is work on the abdomen, this is an excellent time for de-tox but not fasting. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate allowing them to begin collecting case studies to eventually apply to become a CNT 1 practitioner.

Chi Nei Tsang II, Chasing the Winds with certification

Chi Nei Tsang II expands on the first CNT course focusing on techniques to release “trapped sick winds,” which can be stored and cause problems anywhere in the body, from TMJ in the jaw to heart problems to varicose veins in the legs. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate allowing them to begin collecting case studies to eventually apply to become a CNT 2 practitioner.

Tao Yin
(we will be practicing Tao Yin exercises during CNT training)
The Tao Yin exercises are all performed in either lying or sitting positions. They provide unique benefits that cannot be so readily achieved in standing or moving practices, such as Iron Shirt Chi Kung or Tai Chi. Improved patterns of physical alignment and movement will recondition the spine and refresh the body by opening chi flow in the meridians. Tendons and psoas muscles will be imbued with the power of elasticity, and the spine becomes more flexible. Employing the dynamic principle of 'finding the straight in the curve' enables the practitioner to grow and strengthen the tendons and to cultivate their elasticity.
Tao Yin exercises are moving meditations. Using the inner smile, one trains the feeling and awareness brain, the Second Brain in the abdomen, to coordinate and direct the actions in the body. They integrate the subtle power of the breath and mind in the process. The practitioner learns to train and develop 'Yi,' the mind-eye-heart power. The practice cultivates gentleness while developing strength. One learns to breathe consciously with the light in order to release tensions and toxins and to energize tired or weak areas during rest between exercises. A balanced Tao Yin session ends with 'Yin Meditation.' With the body deeply relaxed, the mind calm, the tan tien full of chi and chi flowing in the meridians - one might experience the fullness of delightful yang 'cell massage' or the refined yin state of inner 'embryonic breathing.' This foundation practice supports all other practices.

Information and Registration
+32 497 53 37 04 Nataša

de vendredi 06 octobre, 2017 à 10:00 au jeudi 12 octobre, 2017 à 18:45 (7 jours)
Prix de participation:10 EUR
Workshop Instruction Rate:
first day morning 10€
first day afternoon 55*/60€
1 day CNT 95*/120€
CNT I or CNT II 325*/350€
CNT I & II 595*/650€
7 days 615*/670€

*Concessions fee – job-seekers & students and ‘early bird’ until end of June. Please bring or email justifications for concession rates.

Please bring a yoga mat with you, and wear loose fitting clothes. For CNT also bring some massage oil and blanket.

Jutta teaches in English and the whole class will be translated ‘live’ into French

Accommodation, lunch

Accommodation possible in Chant d’Oiseau: 50€ per night, all meals included. Lunch also possible at venue 14€. Book both with Nataša.

Lieu:3A Avenue Franciscains Bruxelles 1150 Belgique plan d'accès & itinéraire ici
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About teacher

»I became a student of Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s in 1987 and I’ve been committed to advancing myself in the Taoist energy practices since then.

In 1990, I became an instructor to begin teaching the Universal Healing Tao system in Germany and Switzerland. Later I moved to Thailand to live, work and teach at Master Chia’s center, the Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort.

By 2001, I became a Senior Instructor teaching many levels and forms of the energy practices, including much of what I

teach today - different Chi Kung and Tai Chi forms, Healing Love practices for women and men, Fusion of the five Elements and Kan & Li. These are the highest meditations of inner alchemy. In addition, I taught the technique of cosmic healing and Chi Nei Tsang I, II and III massage training.

In 2010, I was appointed global head of business for Chi Nei Tsang. Since then, I manage, under Master Chia, and with a team of senior teachers, the curriculum that is taught about Chi Nei Tsang around the world.

I really like to teach and I am happy when I can inspire others to learn these old practices as well. Practicing the Tao becomes a lifestyle as it affects every part of life.

I am delighted to teach the various disciplines of the Universal Healing Tao throughout the world. This energy has completely changed my life and my understanding of spirituality.«

Jutta Kellenberger
Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor